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A short story before I'll write about the tutorial ...

For years, my acquaintances have said that I am impatient, I should learn patience. I tried all sorts of things, I changed a little bit, but I still didn’t achieve my goal.

In 2019, I thought that if I started painting, I would definitely be patient :)  At the time, I didn’t even know how true that would be 2 years later...

I wanted to try a branch of painting that few here do. I always really liked glass painting. I started looking for courses, trainings, schools here in the United States. I’ve been constantly hiding on the internet for days but I realized that cold glass painting isn’t known here so no one teaches it. I didn't give up my plan. I wanted to learn to paint.

I started researching in the eastern part of Europe. I knew there are some countries where there are very talented glass painting artists.

I contacted some artists that I would like to learn from them. With the exception of 1 artist, everyone said it is not possible to learn to paint online but if I go there, I will go to them and then they will be happy to teach me this technique. There was an artist left who didn’t say no to me. However, she did not say yes. I’m not saying I got too much help from her. We exchanged a few messages, talked on the phone twice, then she disappeared from my life, I was referring to myself.

I didn’t give up on my plan, I insisted that I be a glass painter.

She helped me so much that she said I didn’t buy good paint at first. In the store where I bought it they said it would be good to paint on glass. I managed to buy acrylic paint, which is not glass paint but can be painted on glass with it. Just not fit for purpose.

I put the story aside here because I got to the point.If you’re curious about the rest of the story, you can read through the blogs.

  For every package you buy, I give as a gift a set of glass paint.  So you don’t have to go looking for paint, but I’ll send it to you as a gift.

This is a 30-60-90 hour course-appropriate tutorial that you can comfortably learn from home, on your own schedule. You can practice at any time, depending on your mood. The books cover all the topics and details that arise during glass painting.

You can learn everything from books, you don’t need any special help. But if you still feel you need help, email me and I will help you.

I send you email the tutorials every month. In this case, select which package you want to receive, then click the pricing plan button and purchase it.

You also have the option to access the full tutorial after purchase and not have to wait for anything. In this case, you can pay an one amount for the tutorial. If you choose this, you can shop at the store.

In this case, too, you will receive the gift paints.

You can buy here now: 

Online tutorial: Text
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