• Erika Korozsi

My first sunflower

I haven't shown this picture to anyone yet. And now I’ve thought about this because you need to see where I’ve been for 2 years, so I’ll show you here now. And based on my current pictures, you’ll see where to get there. To get to the level where I am right now, you have to invest time in yourself because you have to practice a lot.


First I wanted to paint flowers. Second, I also wanted to paint flowers :) I really like sunflowers. It symbolizes freedom for me.

Whenever you stand in the field and admire the sunflowers as they turn to the sun. There are hills in the background. The wind is blowing a little, the sun is shining. You can smell the freedom. There is silence around you. Only crickets chirp. You absorb the feeling, you recharge. If you haven't experienced this feeling yet, don't hesitate. Go and experience it :) You won't be disappointed.

If you look at the picture well, you will see that the lines of the contour paint are very ugly, basically the whole picture is very ugly with my eyes right now :D When I painted I was happy to have painted sunflowers. It doesn’t matter how many errors there are in the image. I enjoyed every moment.

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