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A short history of my first glass picture

I have not shown this picture to anyone so far. So far... And now I've been thinking about this, because you have to see that I've been at a completely beginner level for 2 years. And based on my current pictures, you’ll see where to get there. To get to the level where I am right now, you have to invest time in yourself because you have to practice a lot.


First I wanted to paint flowers. This picture didn’t seem complicated so I wanted to test myself to see if I could paint. I wasn’t good at drawing classes in elementary school, the teachers didn’t consider me talented. But here it wasn’t important, I wanted to paint for myself. If you look at the picture well, you will see that the lines of the contour paint are very ugly. I didn't paint the background nicely. I see this now, but then I was happy to be able to create something. It didn’t matter how many errors there were in the picture. It was beautiful to me and that was the most important thing. I knew there was plenty more to learn about glass painting.

If you haven’t started painting yet, start now! It's never too late for that.

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