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How did I start painting?

For years, my acquaintances have said that I am impatient, I should learn patience. I tried all sorts of things, I changed a little bit, but I still didn’t achieve my goal.

In 2019, I thought that if I started painting, I would definitely be patient. At the time, I didn’t even know how true that would be 2 years later... I wanted to try a branch of painting that few here do. I always really liked glass painting.

I started looking for courses, trainings, schools here in the United States. I kept hiding on the internet for days but I realized that cold glass painting isn’t known here, so no one teaches it. I didn't give up on my plan. I wanted to learn to paint.

I started researching in the eastern part of Europe. I knew there are some countries where there are very talented glass painting artists. I contacted some artists that I would like to learn from them. With the exception of one artist, everyone said it is not possible to learn to paint online but if I go there, I will go to them and then they will be happy to teach me this technique. There was an artist left who didn’t say no to me. However, she did not say yes. I’m not saying I got too much help from her. We exchanged a few messages, talked twice on the phone, then she disappeared from my life, I was referring to myself. I didn’t give up on my plan, I insisted that I be a glass painter.

She helped me so much that he said I didn’t buy good paint at first. In the store where I bought it they said it would be good to paint on glass. I managed to buy acrylic paint, which is not glass paint but can be painted on glass with it. Just not fit for purpose. This is because glass paint is very liquid. The other types of paint have a completely different texture. For the second run, I managed to get the perfect paint. This is how I got to know the Pebeo paint brand. At first I only bought a small set of 6 pieces. I thought it would be perfect for a start and it did. Water-based, no strong odor. The colors are beautiful.

I also bought brushes because I also need it for painting :)

I bought a black color from contour paint because the European lady suggested this to start with. I was looking for a I think easy pattern on the internet, I printed this out. I bought a cheap picture frame at Walmart for $ 3 and the game could begin.

To be continued...

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