• Erika Korozsi

Red Angel

Red Angel was the first big painting challenge of my life. I found my first angel on the Pinterest. I immediately decided that I needed to paint this picture. I didn’t know how I was going to do it but I was very determined.

I chose a golden contour. Rich gold. In retrospect, I would say it was a very good choice but at the same time it was not easy to paint the contour lines. But I did it. I painted this picture for 1 week but really enjoyed this time.

The angel was a strange choice from me because although much of my family is religious, I only went to church for weddings and after mass funerals. As well as when I discovered a foreign city and was curious about the churches.

I put all my knowledge so far into this picture, which was only 3 months. I think the result was beautiful :)

Have you started painting glass yet? :)

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