• Erika Korozsi

My firs mandala

I deal with spiritual things like astrology, numerology, crystal healing, Reiki and Tarot cards. It was given that I also wanted to paint mandalas. Mandalas are beautiful, they reflect many times, they soothe. I can watch a more detailed mandala for hours. My first mandala is of course not watchable for hours :)

The gold and red colors are beautiful together. I didn't think much about colors. The contour lines are very ugly even here. I had no idea how to fix it. I've been into this ever since. I have a painting whose contours have been repaired for half a day ...

This is exciting when I use a gold-colored contour because the contour paint on the glass is dazzling when lighting the lamp. At such times, I always praise myself for how "cleverly" I chose contour paint but in the end, the result makes up for it. I painted this picture 1 month after I started painting it.

I like this picture.

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