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About me

Erika never had any training in art apart from studying art history for a few years in the high school. She is a self-taught artist who has been painting since March 2019. Erika wanted to learn patience, which is why she started glass painting, and she really liked the works of European glass painters. She fell in love with the colors of glass paints.

Erika says that she is most "herself" when she paints, in her true spirit and heart. The process of creation is Erika's form of meditation to bring relaxation and recharge to her soul. She appreciates the patience involved in her work and is happy to see her passion manifest in its completion. She always strives for new challenges and topics, pushes her boundaries with new ideas.

Erika's medium is cold glass painting and her tools are non-traditional. Using toothpicks and needles, she creates a painting on a clear glass that is almost alive and radiates enormous energy. Artworks are detail-oriented, colorful and sharp. Erika pushes her limits when she creates reproductions of Gustav Klimt or Vincent Van Gogh. Erika's paintings have already been exhibited in galleries and exhibitions in Texas, she is a finalist in several art competitions.

Erika has received various invitations from Florida and New York state as well as several European countries to participate on exhibitions and artist residency. Her painting style is Art Nouveau, Symbolism and Zentangle but she also likes to paint landscapes. She takes on private students who wish to learn the technique of glass painting and she also constantly receives invitations to teach from all over the States.

Erika has wrote 4 books on glass painting which are available for purchasing online. Erika also paints reproductions on order.

Erika is a member in the Visual Art Alliance and the Artifex Art Group in Houston, TX.

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Contact me

The website is under construction. If you want to learn glass painting or buy a painting or lantern, please send me an email or a text. The same if you want to order a unique painting or reproduction.

Important announcement

The time has come for this too. :) In the last 6 months, several people have asked me if I paint reproductions to order. The previous customers were very satisfied with my work, which made me very hap


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